• rain falls,
    shapes of tears splash
    upon the windon pain
    i stare at clouds

    grey lines.
    and puffy shapes rise
    above the eyes we see,
    where the sun shines brightly.

    rays of warmth
    give hints to clouds
    the wind sings,
    blowing against the window glass.

    staring at the darkened sky
    watching rain hit the window;
    shapeless dots
    upond my umbrella.

    lying under a lazy tree,
    next to one who stole my heart;
    gives me a hint of crimson,
    watching slowgoing clouds.

    as cold sets in,
    his bold arms round me;
    keeping warmth in
    watching the darkened grey sky.

    at night, the rain stops,
    the fog rolls in;
    holding me close with his warmth,
    hopeing the stars energy is out.

    behind the clouds we see,
    shining lights dancing from the rain
    surrounding the full moon
    tearless and clear.

    a crescent smile in the sky,
    where the eyes could meet;
    colors of night meet a darkened smoky grey,
    of loves eclipse of rain.

    on the ground,
    by my side
    his eyes meet mine,
    with the moon and clouds watching.

    our true love,
    binding us lock and key.
    wile my heart thinks about rain,
    and the softened grass below my lazy tree