• We spent a few short years together
    happily living, loving, working.

    Then you left, leaving a thick, dark raincloud behind you
    A raincloud that hovered over my head every day, threatening to spill its contents over my world

    I ruined our relationship and the rest of my life
    no job, no career, and most importantly no you

    Then I saw you again
    But you were not alone

    You were with a different woman
    You were in love

    But not with me
    I could not live without your love

    But I was
    I knew this ripping agony could last no longer

    I ran to my unlit home
    Opened the creaky kitchen drawer

    People cannot stay in love
    My parents, as well as all of my friend's parents had split, leaving their children always missing something...

    I cannot stay in love.
    If I never have children,
    If I never hopelessly try to love,
    I can save them the pain this realization brings, the pain of constantly having a gaping hole in their hearts, missing mother of father

    So with a quick stroke, I end it
    I rid myself of the world, the world of myself

    And I slowly bleed to death