• Wishing, Waiting, Wanting

    My life passes by
    A stranger of myself sometimes
    Creeping day through day. On to the next
    An abyss of torture and fatigue

    Wailing, Woeing, Wasting

    I see my face in the mirror
    Feel my blood pounding against my temple
    Sickness building inside of me.
    I feel pain

    Working, Wavering, Whimpering

    He doesn’t care about me
    His fists talk more than his mouth
    I am in a guilded cage, unable to break
    The bars hold me in, crushing me
    I am boneless

    I wish for freedom
    I wait for the opportunity
    I want to break out
    I wail for my lost cause
    I woe for my daughter
    I waste away
    I work hard to avoid him
    I waver off his punches
    I whimper in the dark

    I feel completely and utterly alone