• Stars At the Edge of the Universe

    The Stars wink at me as they are ushered along by their Mother whom well call the Final Frontier.

    I will never touch them, I am aware of this.

    But I imagine holding one in my arms.

    The intensity of it’s heat threatens to burn me alive and I do not mind.

    I close my eyes and indulge in the warmth that rapidly builds up inside me struggling for release.

    This is what I fantasize holding You might feel like.

    That all consuming flame that takes over my very Existence.

    To run my hands over Your skin, is to run my hands over the surface of the Sun.

    Your lips are brimming with secrets that only the vast of the starry Heavens will ever know.

    We dance on the Edge of that boundless Universe.

    That dance of Lovers entwined as old as Time itself.

    Soon I am devoured by your fires and I freefall into that spectacular lake of Stars and Planets.

    I am One with You.
    I am One with all of the Universe.