• i remember how i used to smile when he came online,
    but now i cry at the mention of his name.

    i remember how i used to laugh on the phone with him at 2 in the morning,
    but now i can't even remember his voice,

    i remember how i freaked out when i thought he was hurt,
    but now all i can do is wonder how he's doing.

    i remember how he used to get me do what ever he wanted,
    but now i can't think about him.

    i remember how he used to make me feel,
    but now i don't know what to feel.

    i remember my heart skipping a beat the first time he said 'i love you',
    but now i'm so used to people saying that it's annoying.

    i remember thinking 'why do i believe him so much? oh ya, because i trust him',
    but now i can't trust anyone... ever again.

    i remember how i loved you A.M.,
    but now i wish i never met you... EVER

    cryed for you, foght for you, smiled for you, would've died for you.

    now i cry over you, fight to block you from my memory, fake every smile now, feel like diein when hearin that name.

    good bye.