• Those who stand have often fell,
    you could see by the scars he's been through hell.
    With deep red eyes that scorched and burned
    You could veiw all the memories that made him turn
    Black hair that never seemed to part,
    can you see that equally dark heart?
    He is coldness, but love all the same
    he is a project in which they maimed.
    that man, yes that one..
    standing alone
    That man had never found himself a home.
    So he used everything, everything he had
    it isnt fair the poor are the one who are damned.
    His ripped up jeans, bare knees in the sun
    sad boy, he only looked twenty-one.
    but kindess flys from him either way.
    More beautiful; like songbirds on display.
    with torment, and sorrow..he gave all he had
    it isnt fair the poor are so damned.