• Feathers fall,
    Sunshine scorches.
    مجموعه من آزاد

    This is fight or flight.

    The first snowflakes fall and in the sky,
    I etched the promise, I would follow you,
    Into light, darkness or anywhere in between.
    When you were the King I was the Queen,
    and our sovereignty grows silent and screams,
    "Set me free, set me free."

    Swallows sing in a line then fly away,
    To lazy Jo'burg, to a warm embrace,
    The nightingale sings its lonely tune,
    Then fades away into the dusky gloom.

    Spring returns and the pink petals reek,
    A scent so sweet it brings me to tears,
    I miss you, and we walked to the waterfall.
    Time ticks back to the start so wounds heal,
    Forget the bleak winter that leaves bruises still,
    "Set me free, set me free."

    The beautiful magpie wishes to sing,
    Joy for two, so much sorrow for one,
    The nightingale sings it's lonely tune
    Then fades away into the dusky gloom.

    Feathers fall,
    From Icarus' eager wings.
    Sunshine scorches,
    The freedom that lies within.
    مجموعه من آزاد