• Mystery.
    That is all life is.
    But the greater mstery is death.
    The cold underworld where some say the dead roam.
    The paridise that all christains think they belong.
    The firey pits of hell where they are disowned.
    Yes, the true mystery is death.
    Is there an angel that comes for you,
    Do you leave on a ship over a foggy lake,
    Or do you go up in a swerlling ball of fire?
    Do you just breath and let go,
    Is it painful,
    Is it peaceful?
    Will people miss you,
    Will they forget?
    Will it ba an accedent,
    Will you be murderd,
    Will someone advenge your death?
    Is it like a dream that you cant remember?
    Would you know the sectets of the world?
    Would it be anything like life?
    I hope not,
    Life is harder tan death wouldnt you think?
    But for now mankind will never know of the mystery within.