• You say,
    That I am all just lies.
    But do you really know?
    Do you really know who I am?
    Or are you just relying on what you are told?
    What if...
    What you are told isn't true?
    What if the one you love is playing with the truth?
    Putting her own twist onto it,
    Because she is blind.
    Blind to what's really going on.
    You are blind.
    To whom someone really is.
    You judge them by how others make them out to be,
    Without giving them a chance of just their own.

    You act,
    As if your words will hurt me.
    They will not.
    I am not afraid of you.
    I am not afraid of the things you say to me.
    Or the way you look at me.
    You are just another person,
    That will walk,
    Right in,
    And out of my life,
    Without even making a difference to me.

    You pretend,
    Like you like me,
    Just to keep your girl happy.
    You are fake.
    Hate me.
    Show me you do.
    I want to feel it,
    Radiating from you.
    I want it.

    You dream,
    Of being able to harm me,
    But you will not actually do it.
    What if,
    I say I want you to?
    Would you?

    I say,
    You mean nothing to me.
    In fact,
    My life would be better off without you.

    I act,
    As though your words do not hurt me,
    Truth be told,
    They stab me just as hard as,
    You wish you actually could.

    I pretend,
    To like you,
    For the sake of my friend.
    I wonder though,
    If it is even worth it.
    Because I feel like,
    I no longer mean anything to her.

    I dream,
    For this all to end.