• Verse 1:
    your eyes match mine
    for a moment of insurance
    that i'll always shine
    at least to you
    our hands can't touch
    but our dreams are still connected
    and that's just enough
    to get us through

    this is just a detour
    we will come together one day
    so let's not give ourselves away

    did you know
    that i'd die for you
    i would jump off the edge
    if you did too
    did you know
    that i can't sleep
    without your strong arms
    holding me
    oh, did you know
    that i loved you

    Verse 2:
    your heart grasps mine
    in a attempt to catch me
    we're out of time
    we must grow apart
    my tears may burn
    because i can't help it
    i'll never learn
    so why should i start?

    we are together
    we are together
    and we will stay that way
    i will always stay
    if you ask me to