• heart Since the day I first met you
    I haven’t been able to forget you
    Since the day we first kissed
    My life has been full of bliss
    I can’t forget you
    Because you pulled me through
    Taking my hand, pulling me out of my dark and hollow shell
    I never thought life would ever go well
    But you opened my eyes
    You made me realize
    That love is real
    Love is true
    And love is all I get from you
    So today I say goodbye
    I say goodbye to hiding
    I say goodbye to fear
    Because you showed me the reason to why I’m here
    We were made for each other
    And we can’t survive without one another
    Together we will stand
    So come and take my hand
    I’ll hold it tight
    And it will be alright
    So today I say
    And I promise to tell you everyday
    That I love you with all my heart
    I’ve always loved you from the start. heart