• Back when my friends were true
    my heart was not in two

    Back when I had everything
    my cuts would sting

    Back when you be here
    I would not shed a tear

    But now the times have past
    I knew the good would not last

    I don't know why
    I even try

    Life is hard
    I'm forever scarred

    I cannot go on
    Not while you are gone

    Come back to me once more
    Put your feet on the floor

    I know you've been here far too long
    And what they did to you was wrong

    Let's walk out those doors
    And let me hear that laugh of yours

    I want the wind to blow your hair
    I want you to be in my care

    I want to see your face
    Out of this place

    We will make it out, hand-in-hand
    For this is what I've planned

    Little by little,
    We'll make it out of this hospital

    The clock will turn again
    Like it did back then

    Colors will return
    The flame will burn

    All will be restored
    And your smile will again be adored