• Here is where the saga begins,
    in a house like any other.
    But there is something in this house,
    between one and their lover.

    Angry, so angry, heated air swirls about,
    there's enough to lift it off the ground.
    Words, so many, many words,
    there are legions upon legions abound.

    The start of the event is lost under fury,
    the subject buried under layers of blame.
    What once had been beautiful, even lovely,
    had somehow burst into flame.

    It starts so small, as fires always do.
    Not more than a spark will fly.
    Sooner than you know you will find
    you're willing yourself not to cry.

    On and on, it drags out like torture,
    still it never seems to cease.
    Even when silence reigns inside,
    it brings to them no release.

    Neither can let the other win,
    pride is too foolish, too blind.
    Yet still, a doubt, a fear, a hurt
    is rising like an unearthly sign.

    Licking their wounds, eyeing their opponent,
    they can go their separate ways.
    One to the bed, the other the road,
    and each hoping that's the way it will stay.

    Neither accounts for sudden Fate,
    that awfully vile, fickle thing,
    that enjoys a twist of the knife in Life's side,
    to edge a bit of irony's bitter sting.

    One to the bed, the other the road,
    each hoping for a solace as a guide.
    One to wake up, the other to lay down,
    and as Life waits with its hands tied.

    Prediction is a farce,
    premonitions too late,
    a warning too vague,
    to catch glimpses of Fate.

    So listen as their roads diverge,
    one on a long, winding path,
    the other a dead end that awaits
    that goes no further than the aftermath.

    This tale goes on,
    but will you follow through?
    Will you listen to this saga,
    of a Fate's cruel due?

    Just beginning, from two sets of eyes,
    which of them wins the ultimate prize?
    And when the prize is won, and the curtain comes down,
    will the winner see the prize as anything more than a useless paper crown?