• Sleeping,
    And weeping,
    Don't mix too well,
    And the feelings aren't too swell.

    The aches and pains,
    Covered by our rains,
    Of tears,
    Like that of dewed pears.

    It is the troubles of life,
    Of being divorced,
    Or never with a wife,
    Or never having the joy to be a wife or ever rejoiced!

    Life is sad,
    With misery in every turn,
    Oh how happiness does burn,
    And it removes the bad.

    It happens when it is so sad,
    The burning of happiness,
    It feels so much like if your mad,
    And it identifies your sappiness.

    That is how life is,
    With all the key moods,
    Without it and Love's kiss,
    And without Hate's melody made from Darkness's lutes.