• What do you get out of all this name-calling?
    Is it your life wish to see people falling?
    They reach out for help, but it only gets worse
    What is all this nonsense, just some kind of curse?
    It's always the people who are out of the crowd
    That always get shoved and pushed around
    Does it make you feel better to see someone hurt?
    How would you feel with your face in the dirt?
    You make our lives miserable, pushing us down
    Who do you think you are? On your head I see no crown
    You're no better than the rest of us; have problems of your own
    Maybe I should point them out, you deserve to be alone
    You talk about the things we wear and how we look and speak
    But it's wrong for you to say those things 'cause all you are is weak
    Spreading all those rumors and always emphasizing lies
    Really just makes you and your friends look like pathetic guys
    I never make fun of you and I won't let you do it to me
    Because you think I will give up, but I won't that easily
    I hear the things you say to them and even though we've barely met
    I decide to pick a side with them, since in that place I have been
    We hear all your lies, so sad, and all your rumors too
    And just to make you all so mad we decide to keep it mute
    It's too bad you have no life other than talking s**t
    You want me to pity you? Too bad, I won't do it
    Your selfish and uncaring ways are just another way to say
    How inconsiderate you are in each and every way
    Drop the stupid bullshit here, I'm done with all your games
    You've lost every single time and now you're in the flames