• Your tears on my sleeve,
    Your heartbeat so faint.
    I try to wipe away your pain,
    Mascara smears,
    Leaves a trail of the anger that makes your heart black like kohl.

    She was your guardian angel,
    she was your confidante.
    Gone in a flash...
    no photographs taken just memories fading quickly.

    You don't speak, you just weep
    I tell you it's okay now's the time to scream.
    You express yourself in the ashes tragedy left behind,
    finally found the voice you swore had died.

    We left in the starlight with tokens and money in our pockets,
    I stumbled a bit, felt a sense of hopelessness.
    I asked you where we were going confused in the dark...
    Bright Lights Flashed, Smog fogged the air
    You responded "Heaven it seems.", no longer in despair.