• So comes the day you finally realise we haven't spoken in a while, you double click my name to tell me. But i already knew, i knew it all along. You tryed to make it out as if it was my fault?
    saying I don't try?
    But, you wana know something?
    I gave up trying a while ago with you, Allday everyday i'd put in the effort
    I'd try to tell you we're drifting apart, i tryed to hold on to everybit that i could hold onto
    but it just wasn't the same, you wern't the same. . Everything wasn't the same because you didn't put the effort in and holding up a friendship takes both sides, but there was no intrest from you;r side.
    so i gave up, i saw no purpose.
    But now, when you;r lying there alone at night, you wander where our endless conversations went to..
    where our close friendship vanashed to?
    so you ask me and i tell you again. .
    I tryed long after you gave up but you didn't see it, you didn't appreciate it
    YOU walked away.
    So don't even try and say its my fault when you where the one who gave up
    The one who turned there back on everything we had.
    our friendship.
    But now, cause there's no one to talk to you only realise you've lost me.
    now, you're trying to mend it but it's too late.