• I didn’t know what love was,
    Until I had to make sacrifices,
    And say goodbye.
    Until I was left alone,
    With no one to love.

    I didn’t know how it felt to BE loved.
    But then you came along
    I was a new person.
    You and I, Me and you together forever

    But then someone else comes along
    And im alone again
    I say that you never cared and that you never felt the way I did
    But I still love you.

    You say there’s something wrong with me,
    That I care too much, and you ask why
    I have a simple response:

    Even when I didn’t know you, I was your friend.
    I knew you were the won
    . We traveled through this journey together.
    First we were just friends. Then we were more.
    Before you walked into my life, I honestly didn’t know what love was.
    . I though it was something you just said to people to make them happy.
    But there's so much more to Love.
    It can change a life, as it has with mine
    . And now that our love is gone, You say I need to stay strong
    And move on.

    But is that possible?
    To leave a whole LIFE behind?
    Maybe, Maybe for you.