• I can only see you by mere chance
    And often it may be just be a glance
    And every time you captivate she
    The sleeping artist called "me"

    As a writer I wanted to create
    A novel describing those dates
    And hugs and kisses I envision
    If ever it were your arms I end up in

    As an artist I wanted to immortalize
    The eyes of the man I fantasize
    To hold and be with, until eternity
    I promise to love you, if you love me

    As a singer I wanted to compose
    Stanzas of love; as if a complete prose
    Then, let us hum its melody
    And remember it as a symphony

    I may have been forbidden by fate
    To be your lover; oh, I do hate
    That I may never touch your hand
    Or even walk together barefoot on the sand

    I lost my inspiration as I wrote
    This last stanza, yet do not quote
    That I did fail, for you cannot hide
    The fact that I wanted to be by your side