• Why is life so dark?
    The pain is unbearble.
    The physical stress.
    The mental problems.
    And the emotional mess.
    I am afraid to cry,
    it shows weakness.
    I am afraid to speak,
    knowlege is for smart elics.
    I am afraid to show pain,
    pain is for wemps.
    I am afraid to be myself,
    I'm not good enough.
    They speak in riddles.
    Why can't they just talk to me like I'm human?
    Why can't I be normal?
    What is NORMAL anyways?
    Why is it I see things others don't?
    Why do I see people and shapes and colours that are not there?
    But yet,
    I can act like none of it is real?
    Is my whole life a lie?
    Why is it that I am the "weird one?"
    Maybe I am the one sane and they are the odd ones?
    Who am I?
    What am I?
    My fingers trimble like thunder.
    My heart beats like a drum.
    On the outside I have everything a person may need,
    but on the inside is a different story.
    For another time I will speak.
    For another life I will live.
    But will it be the same?
    Why is life so dark?