• you ask why i have a gaurd up and i tell you..
    you ask me why i never put it down and i tell you..
    you tell me you wont ever hurt me and i believe you
    i put my gaurd down right from the start. never thinking of how you could hurt me or if you would ever hurt me..
    i grow comfortable with you every day and i fall more inlove with you as each day goes on..
    you always put butterflies inmy stomache when you touched me,smiled at me or even said something to me..
    i still feel the same about you even after everything that has happened
    the ache in my chest wont go away.. always lingering never numbing or giving me a break fromit
    unbearable is the pain that is inside me.. i see you and stil hope one day we might be again
    always hoping..how can i still care about you so much after you hurt me so..
    my gaurds up again strong as ever..never falturing except for when you look at me.
    the day the words came out of your mouth i fell to peices and my gaurd went up again and was stronger then before..
    always gaurded am i? will i ever let my gaurd down again? i dont know