• My feet were swollen
    My lungs were wary

    I had to do this
    I had to yell

    These four words are important
    To save my life and others

    For freedom is thee
    For freedom is thy

    Republic is our answer
    for we shall never give up

    I remember the miles
    I remember the silence

    When I saw the peoples faces
    They thrash with terror

    People grieve
    People gave

    Our offense was plenty
    Our defense was short

    I saw my toe stick out of my shoes
    I saw my shirt rip

    I am important in history
    I am important to life

    What would you do?
    If you had one chance?

    I had charlie horses
    I heard the horses

    I felt the clean dense of sweat
    pour off of my face

    I wasted minutes of others,
    but gave minutes to others

    For sake my life
    For sake my identity

    The four main words
    The four main words

    They rang in my ear
    They tattoo my heart

    For sake
    I yell one more time

    The British are coming!
    The British are coming!