• Poetry

    Why do I do it?

    Why do I constantly dive into my own sub-consciousness using the pen as my receiver

    I constantly question myself day in and day out trying to find enlightenment

    But in reality I know I’m searching for an answer that isn’t there

    So I ask myself who am I?

    Am I the prophet that everyone believes I am?

    Or am I just the false prophet that leads seekers into damnation

    The only thing that is real to me seems to be my choices

    The smallest choice affects a great many

    But I refuse to believe in my own choices just as others

    For the reason that I don’t believe in anything

    The world shapes me without my consent

    It has shaped me for so long that I’ve lost all sanity

    But in doing so ive only gained my freedom

    Nothing I say makes sense anymore to anyone so I ask you

    What are you really?

    Strip away culture, strip away religion, strip away everything that makes you who you believe you are and tell me what you have left

    Are you a coward hiding behind a facade that will impress others?

    Do you really think you are great because others believe in you?

    From being mentally concealed in my mind for so long ive questioned myself endlessly

    So much that every word I spoke felt like torture

    I eventually snapped and became what you see before you

    A wise fool

    Call me stupid, call me crazy, hell call me anything you want

    But are you really free

    Only when we cut off our legs do we discover we have wings

    Something must always be exchanged for something better

    So what have I exchanged my sanity for?

    Freedom and with this freedom why do I write

    I write for everything

    Everything around me

    Everything within my mind

    The world tried to shape me so now it’s my turn

    I will shape it to be pure and on turn leave my official mark on the world

    Whether you live to see it or even believe to see it is up to you

    By hearing my words you are a part of my legacy

    So what will you do with it?

    Will you make it flourish or will you aspire to become greater

    Just remember life is limited for you but also endless