• Seasons change, red leaves, sparks of white
    into a pond of mud
    Even the trees die
    Birdlings hatch in their nestling and die of age or storm
    Turtles emerge from the sand and get lost at sea
    And even they die all over again
    Every night the world is asleep while restless are thinking
    or weeping the dead
    over and over

    And I, I'm here with no one but my shadow
    Everyday I look into that God forsaken greyed webbed mirror
    and I haven't aged a day.
    Loved ones lie in the grave over and over
    Sometimes I wish I was ones of those mythical vampires
    so that at least I could die from the sun or holy water
    and my soul would finally part from this world
    But yet, it remains, and my soul flies between two worlds

    I walk the earth eternally
    Into the infinite
    The horizon seems to have no end

    Time goes by forever slowly
    Day becomes night and night becomes day
    I forget what day it is
    Wait.. "What date is it?"
    And soon, I forget what year it is

    Loved one decease and yet I remain
    The lone long lasting eternal road
    Am I forever cursed or infinitely blessed

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