• I'm dying is this real?
    I'm burning open the seal!
    Im suffocating in darkness
    This pain is bitter and harsh
    I'm trash and I know it
    Surronded by monsters that show my relfection
    I deserve this and I know it
    My tears are red
    I'm dying and no one can save me
    I'll rest here so just let me be
    I can redem myself
    I don't deserve redempetion
    Dying hurts
    Living is worse
    I need help send a doctor!
    Going mad or am I insane
    Can I be cured what is this disease?
    Laughter means nothing
    Love is meaningless
    All my hope is gone
    What have I done wrong
    Feed me your anger, sadness, and frustration
    I'll take it all and swallow it
    I live to be cruel but inside I feel cold
    The light not within my reach
    My soul has been breached
    The devil it does reek
    Possed by an entity of maddness and angery
    I don't deserve redemption
    Too late to be saved
    Dying still
    My pain it will never cease