• My Jabberwock

    I hold the great madness of Lewis Carroll in high regard

    But to his vision of the terrible beast I have this to say.

    'Twas no vorpal blade to snicker-snack and slay my Jabberwock

    The Creature that came whiffling through the tulgy wood of my mind.

    With eyes of flame this manxome foe dogged my every step.

    Carroll had it right in some fantastical beings

    But this is no beast whose head is so easily lost.

    Removed in one, two! One, two and through and through.

    The rancorous monster of that of my darkest imagination.

    No son came galumphing back with the slain creatures head.

    No shouts of Callooh! Callay echoed on a frabjous day.

    Just the gloating Jubjub bird

    The slavering frumious Bandersnatch

    And the nefarious Jabberwocky



    Malefic creature of my amused imagination.