• I want you Argyle,
    So Bad.
    Oh God, Argyle, I want you.
    I see it so clearly;
    your arms wrapped around me,
    my lips against yours,
    and the carefully spoken words formed by you mouth,
    "I love you." says the words.
    But those words are good as dead,
    Your body so much as a corpse.
    Not even my mind can recreate you,
    Your otherworldly smile, your chocolate eye, your perfections, your imperfections,
    and every single one of your complexions.
    The mere thought of you jumbles my mind.
    Your corpse only repeats words Iv'e heard from those lips all to much,
    "You should talk more."
    I want to bring it to life
    as we dance from rooms to twisted halls in my head.
    laughing. dancing. running.
    Forever and Ever.
    So long Iv'e wanted you.
    Been waiting these painful days.
    Sharing our lives.
    We sink into each other.
    I confide in you all my life, all my troubles,
    And you come to me as well.
    Thank God your here,
    because eternity might as well be hell without you.