• I can write countless times,
    I can jot down a thousand rymes.
    But nothing seems to fade,
    has my future been made?
    Is it possible to change the past,
    to ensure that a love would last?
    Sing to me a lullaby,
    take these wounds, nullify.
    Carry me home where i belong,
    come on love just one more song.
    Take me away.
    Oh so far away.
    This is where i dont want to stay.
    Bring me to the bay.
    Tell me what there is to do,
    To ensure that it will be me and you.
    Take the pain,
    Watch the rain,
    Open a vein,
    I'm insane.
    The mental blood flows,
    will my secret be known?
    Now my friend come to me,
    take my troubles away from me.
    Sing me a song but not to long,
    for I must soon go will anyone ever know?