• I saw her once, not so long ago,
    Beautiful as she’d been,
    Maybe still so,
    Silent as she had so stood,
    Her lips may have moved since,
    I pray her lips mouth words of my direction,
    Radiant as I’d never know her to be,
    Radiant as no other, as she set the skies aglow,
    Only in the midst of imaginations wildest speculation,

    I saw her once, not so long ago,
    Only to be swept away,
    That Hellish fog came so sudden,
    It came during the summer,
    And stole my beautiful she away,
    Now is the beauty that’d been so captivating gone,
    So cruel it is, to be deprived of such mystique,

    I see her still,
    Through pen and paper,
    I’ve saw her now,
    In a day dream she’s come to call home,
    In a land where the fog swallows the willows,