• A beauty, once so bright
    A life, once heard like
    A crystalline chime
    Forever reverberating in
    What was once my heart.
    And how it flew away! How it flew,
    When I saw your fall from grace.
    With arms outstretched, I knew
    There was nothing.
    The helplessness! As your weak calls
    Slithered over, and sent chills down my spine.
    Nothing could prepare me for
    The shattered wreckage that waited
    Beyond the confines of
    My fear!
    Your essence had been shocked;
    Shaken to its very core.
    Rattled, as it was,
    Out of the mold in which you so gingerly
    Placed it.
    And now, where years
    Of love,
    Of yearning,
    Of wonderment,
    Of happiness
    Once found their home,
    Only one feeling remains.
    Although I squirm at the thought that
    This insect,
    This plague
    Could have ever entered my mind,
    I can’t help but feel
    Towards you and all of your wretchedness.