• A lady screams into her phone
    something about documents being late
    she rushes past me
    glares at the ground
    Tick tock

    A young mother drags her child down the sidewalk
    kicking and screaming
    he doesn't want to go
    "We're fifteen minutes late, move it," she declares
    Tick tock

    A taxi driver honks his horn
    painting the air with colorful language
    as he waits behind an old man
    "The light is green, idiot," he announced
    Tick tock

    It seems everyone is going somewhere
    everyone but the old bum on the side of the street
    sitting on the stoops of a worn down building
    for nothing at all
    Tick tock

    We focus on life so intensely
    that we all forget about living
    It is a rarity to see someone stop
    and listen
    to the bittersweet melodiousness of time
    Tick tock