• The bone chilling softness of the water, flowing over the skin like slight needles gently grazing across the skin.
    The cold icey blue, reflecting slight water marks and sun rays peaking through the clouds.
    Waves tease, attempting to cover the face and mouth.
    Inching it's way from the back to the arms, lightly slapping against the neck and creeping into the ears, eliminating another one of the senses.
    Smooth movements, soundless and calm.
    No help and no end, slow rising of impossibly cold water. Inching up at tickling the chin, paling the cheeks discolouring the skin.
    Twitching fingers, purple fingernails, numb toes, and blue lips.
    Everything's colder and fuzzy, a blueish tint to all the world.
    No panic, no moving. Just heavy breathing and closed eyes.
    Thoughts swirl, adrenaline pumps, heart races with darting eyes.
    No way out.
    Realization kicks in.
    Fear starts.