• She stands there waiting for the doctors to open the chamber door.
    As for the winter walls.. they cover both the ceiling and the floor.
    Her hair looks tangled on every angle, her skin as pale as death.
    And she sits in the frosted solitude counting her every breath.
    When finally, a loud shriek from wheels as a cart comes down the hall.
    Where the metal door was open stood two men one short ..one tall.
    Her eyes becoming darker like demons prepared to feed.
    As she struggled to move forward, and finish her blood thirsty deed.
    The padding on her arms made it hard to move around.
    When the shot that was to be injected fell two inches from her ground.
    The short man sweat came pouring down like rain on a summer day.
    The tall man went out the door to receive another one from the ice cold tray.
    Dripping blood painted the floor, her teeth now razor sharp nails.
    Her mind screaming inside like bashing humans against iron rails.
    He crawls to get the serum, the chambers closes and life is left behind.
    He gets closer and reaches out ,but she never crossed his mind.
    The tall man peeking through the window in shock on what he sees.
    For the monster that lied inside devoured him from his knees.
    He saw his yell and saw him cry, his nails pushed inside his hands from trying to get away.
    And with a blooded smirk and his one life friend is where this monster lay.