• This thing that keeps me unaware,
    Unknowing, yet, still strangely there.
    It haunts my mind, but will not speak
    This awareness I so desperately seek.

    The knowledge of this unknown thing
    Will let me have no peace, it seems.
    I try to speak, I try to write,
    And yet this thing stays out of sight.
    It keeps me thinking, searching, learning
    In place of the ignorance I am so deserving.
    It isn't light, it isn't sound,
    It can't be hunted, it can't be found.

    Yet still in many ways I try
    To keep this thing from passing by.
    It's not in time and it's not in space,
    It isn't love and it isn't hate,
    But still, I don't know what it is,
    Or who, or why, or even if.

    This thing that keeps me far from peace
    Won't ever simply be or cease.
    It's there, I know, to make me think
    Of all the things I shouldn't think.

    I'm deeply troubled, as you see,
    By this thing that's haunting me
    And yet it helps me in some ways-
    It keeps me company on darker days,
    It tells me not to hurt myself,
    It also says to 'love thyself',
    But I don't see how this could be
    When all I feel is misery!

    I'm lonely, ill, and malcontent
    With this life of ignorance.
    I hate that people put up walls,
    They fight, the kill, they make new laws.
    It's all so simple, if only they'd see
    The way things are truly meant to be.

    But, I do know this is false hope
    For they need reasoning to cope
    With the fact that they can't see
    This unknown thing, this light, this being.
    They push it away and look for facts
    Because 'real is real' and this Thing isn't that.

    It's unknown, it's dense, this thing
    That protects me, keeps me being.
    It covers me, from fear, from pain,
    It keeps me safe, it keeps me sane.
    No size, no shape, no voice, no face,
    Not light or sound or time or space,
    It found me trapped here, it came to stay,
    To help me through life, through day after day.

    It has a warmth, a glow, it thinks,
    It swims, it flies, it falls, it sinks.
    It only exists within my mind,
    But also everywhere throughout time.
    It doesn't breathe, it doesn't sleep,
    But it comforts me, keeps me at peace.

    This thing I can't describe or see,
    But only feel, it calls to me.
    It shows me love, it shows me peace
    And happiness and helps me sleep.
    It keeps me breathing, night and day,
    It begs me not to die, to stay.

    But the more I come to know this thing
    The more it seems like its own being-
    Once I'd like to hear, to see,
    To have to talk or sing to me!
    Something real to know, to believe,
    Something that knows my mind, and me.

    And yet I know this can't be true,
    A lifetime alone, without a solid you.
    So I'll keep learning, thinking, dreaming,
    As long as you'll keep being that thing.

    I may be alone, but not at heart,
    Because in the darkness, you'll be a spark
    To pull me back, back from the edge,
    To dry my tears, to honor your pledge:

    You'll keep me safe, you'll keep me sane,
    You'll keep me alive, and we'll play our game.
    We'll live our lives, we're clever, we're smart
    So separate in form, yet together at heart.