• Oh have you ever looked up,
    and saw the stars, the stars.
    Have you ever dreamed of space,
    and it wasn't that far, that far,

    I'm that kid,
    in an astronaut suit,
    Dreamed of everything,
    but it couldn't be true,

    I'm a dreamer,
    Not a believer,
    But sometimes I wanna believe,
    this life is what I want,

    And so close together,
    In freezing weather,
    I don't wanna huddle,
    but wanna be warm on my own,


    This life ain't heaven,
    but I can't be alo- oh-ohne,


    This life ain't heavan,
    but I wish that it was,


    Everything someone could,
    believe in,
    Everything that was,
    perfect and real,

    I don't care for tomorrow,
    or the seasons,
    Just gimme something,
    That I believe in,

    Ooohhhhhh ohhhhh oh,

    Just gimme something that I believe in,

    Yeahhh yeahhhh yeahhh

    But It's something I know isn't real.

    (End Chorus)

    I'm that kind've kid,
    that wants to trust everyone,

    I get backstabbed,
    And wonder whose the realest one?

    Drawing a picture,
    of this girl and me,

    I dreamt of love,
    but I know that it couldn't be,

    Just got left like,
    an astronaut,
    what I once loved,
    Is now what I fought,

    She trifled with my trust,
    I couldn't do anything,
    And do nothing... I must.

    Yeah yeah I know this ain't heavan,

    But the ground is close to hell,

    No No this life ain't heavan....
    But I wish that it was...