• It's beginning to get to me,
    that I really can fly so free,
    I don't need to be depressed all the time,
    and I don't someone else to make it fine,

    Yeah sure I like a girl and she likes me back,
    and yeah maybe I'm having a little heart attack,
    But it just makes me realize how fun it is to be,
    So weird, unique, and fun defines me,

    I've got good grades,
    and brand new thoughts,
    I don't want to be laid,
    I can't stand to be fought,

    So I'm finally being what I want,
    and showing myself who I'm not,
    I wasn't ever confused,
    but just so frustrated I wasn't hot,

    Who cares how I look,
    It just matters how I feel,
    I can't catch fish like a hook,
    But at least I've got a reel,

    Nobody can ******** stop who I am,
    I won't let anyone in the way,
    I'm ready to stop sinking in sand,
    or even drifting away,

    I wanna be happy,
    and right now I am happy,
    I've got myself together,
    the pieces are as strong as leather,

    Sometimes I get my tongue in a knot,
    with being a hypocrite I get caught,
    I am not perfect myself,
    and neither is anyone else around,

    This feeling.... Yes this feeling,
    This feeling is so profound,
    It's like time and space play like music,
    and I'm loving the sound,

    This heartbeat is real,
    My life is real,
    my happiness is real,
    and I am finally real.

    Realer than the magnificent sea,
    Realer than the nature of the animals in the trees,
    Realer than the generosity of poor kids that can feed,
    Realer than the warm air in the mountain breeze...

    It's real.