• Get ready, we're going to space.
    Looking for a different race.
    Unknown what we'll find.
    New materials we can mine.
    Europa is our next stop.
    Pray as the rocket drops.
    Everything is going nice.
    Gotta get through the thick ice.
    Melting is going so slow.
    Better than a drill, though.
    Now the robot must rearrange.
    Into a swimmer it does change.
    There is nothing to be found.
    Must go closer to the ground.
    Life can only be found deep.
    Huge batteries that will not sleep.
    Pressure requires special skin.
    Can't believe the place we're in.
    Then it reaches the right spot.
    Takes out the equipment it brought.
    Tries to catch a microbe or two.
    Test for life, there are a few.
    Life it says is right here.
    Ground control gives a cheer.
    "We found life," they shout and cry.
    Doesn't catch the creature swimming by.