• "Sorry" crying

    It doesn't go unspoken
    It's said to be sincere
    So why use it all the time
    When it happens again and again?

    It's not a reset
    It doesn't turn back time
    It's always being said
    With nothing being changed

    "Sorry" has many meanings
    But which one is yours?
    Hurry and forgive me,
    Or I mean it, I'll change?

    Lies aren't forgotten about
    There a string of memories
    They don't go unsaid
    All they do is just happen again.

    So which one are you?
    Its happening all the time
    And all you say is "sorry"
    And expect me to forgive.

    It's a never ending loop
    Like a never ending story
    It happens all the time
    And all you say can say is "sorry.."

    When will it change
    When your all out of lies?
    When you finally wake up?
    Or when I say goodbye?

    You will lose me eventually
    With all of your lies
    And when you say "sorry"
    I will just say "goodbye."

    You've been caught many times
    In the lies that you make
    And all you say is sorry
    With no truth just lies

    So as I sit here and think
    About what you have said
    Just remember I'm sorry
    Because I'm done
    and I'm pushing you away.

    You'll be left in the past
    With yourself to blame
    And you'll say "im sorry"
    To yourself with no shame.