Omg, i haven't been on in so long crying this is like, the first time in a month. my explaination: my gramma won't let me on the computer at home, and the library classifies this site as chat and instant messaging. IT STINKS!! now i have to go over to my friend's house to come to this site...but other news is i'm going to camp next sunday at OSU (Oregon State University) for this survivor leadership camp. if you include sunday and friday as half days i'm there for five days, but technically i'm there for six. Anyhoo, i just inherited my boyfriend's dog a few days ago. she's so cute!! she's half australian shephard and half german shephard and her name's Foxie, but we call her Fox for short. but yea. i don't have a scanner to post my pic that i promised, which really stinx cuz it was really kool. my sister is being a total complete b***h-she got onto my gaia account and used up over 600 gold: i had 750 and now i've only got 91. i can't believe her. If anyone who reads this is in contact with rock_star_stephy, tell her she's a b***h and doesn't deserve any attention because of what she did. but anyhoo, oi, this is my longest journal entry yet xd tah tah!!