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Venomous am I who kisses thy lips,
All because there are poisons in your lips.
Who are you to say where she belongs?
Who are you to order her around? Who are you to tell her that she is worth s**t? Who are you to tell me that a girl is just a tool? You think your doing any good that will get you remembered when you die? Hell no. You are going to go into the ground and rot and your name shall not be remember in any good manner. They will only remember you as a tyrant of his house. You say its alright to order a girl to make you a sandwhich instead of helping her through a hard time. Is it because your scared to show kindness? Or is it possiblely your just such a damn b***h you cant even show your girl that you care? You want to talk down to me cause I dont fully know english and I stand up for girls and you laugh at me. I may not know the big difference between you're and your but your the peice of s**t that will die and burn.

Facts to support that no man is superior to a girl is that its been long proven that girls have more emotional strength, have more mental strength, and are able to manipulate easily. While guys are usually violently dangerous and strong. Girls are intelletually superior to most guys while guys are physically stronger. Do the math. You may kill them but they will kill you through insanity. If you dont like girls that much, go and become gay but dont think its a girls place to do your work.

You want to start a arguement over this matter pm me. You can talk all you want but your not going to prove nothing just because in the past women have done work for the man. The answer to that is this: They were repressed and werent even counted as a human. They were counted as a thing that was just there.

Now, tell me, where do you get the damn power to decide where another human being who has as much right to live as you where they belong!? Remember: All humans are created equally in God's eyes. You even think you are superior to the other, your are actually feeling inferior and want to backlash out towards the other gender because of past bottled rage.

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri May 30, 2008 @ 03:22pm

(starts talkin hik liik most ov us vergnins du)

ur mih heeeruu...lol (i dont talk hick trust me)

commentCommented on: Wed Aug 27, 2008 @ 06:29pm
no...I don't think anyone inferior, I am the dirt...my voice the wind and my body is just another tree in the forest (sorry I read everything with a literal sense)

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