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The Random Thoughts of Emily
Hi, people! I will try to update this every week...or so...I'll TRY. ^_^;; If you want to know what randomness is going on in my real/Gaia life (or if you're a stalker...O.O) read this!
In the Beginning...There Were Words
...and Emily saw that they were good.
This day, this post, marks the beginnning of my blog. Officially. The controversial topics don't count...this...this is my blog. Here I will record the voices and our conversations. ^_^ ;; (jk--i don't really hear voices...don't worry...too much)
Haha...my title reminds me of Hamlet "Words, words, words..." heh...words are fun-citing-tastic-amazing-ful-ness. Yes. I did just say that. VIVA LA FUNCITINGTASTICAMAZINGFULNESS!!!

Yes! When I was looking at the fonts to decide what to use for this journal, I had a sudden realization. An important discovery. The MS in fonts such as Trebuchet MS and Comic Sans MS stands for Microsoft. O...M...G...amazing, right? *ahem*...

It's Gone and Now, Sadly, Part of Me feels Like It's Missing...
SCHOOOOOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!! *starts singing and has a sudden urge to dance*
Yes, that's right, people: I have completed my freshman year at CV and managed to letter in Academics. Yes. I am a geek. I know. I've established this already. ^_^ ;; biggrin

I'm Sorry...it Had to be Mentioned
Um...join my threads? Please? Some of them are lame...some of them need to die...some of them...well, quite frankly, are lame and need to die. But...yeah. Join the good ones, please?

Yay! I got a random item--a wooden trunk! No--not just a wooden trunk...an enchanted wooden trunk!!
*opens the exciting enchanted wooden trunk*
It's...it's...nifty! A checkerboard floor tile! *dances* Hm...I may sell it though...yeah. no..yes...yes...I will.

Auf Widersehen!

A car runs on gas and a duck runs on bread. I run on yum yums.

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