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The Random Thoughts of Emily
Hi, people! I will try to update this every week...or so...I'll TRY. ^_^;; If you want to know what randomness is going on in my real/Gaia life (or if you're a stalker...O.O) read this!
First Official Day of SUMMER BREAK
End of the Year, Castle View Style
Hooray! Yoshi made a video of our amazing end-of-year-ness. Here's the link! As mentioned in my comments, I'm the insane one in the ginormously huge Sabercat hoodie who will generally be getting in the camera, bouncing around randomly in the background, singing into a dustpan as a microphone with Yoshi, or toasting my cream soda. [[*rawr*]] ^_^ ;; I will add the video to my profile. biggrin
p.s. Kudos to Mr. Williams, the only teacher featured on that video who also happens to be the topper of Yoshi's hate list!!! I don't mind him that much, though...hm...I should get that video of him eating a cookie in advisement [[you know, like homeroom]] as a bribe to get him to change the seating chart...

Lily's LEAVING!!! :'( crying sad cry
Yes...my good friend Lily Yang [[Liu Cheng Yin Yang]] is leaving for her home country of China today. So we're having a party! HappyFunTime21 (Sammya) will be there, too! So it really will be Happy Fun Times! ^_^ rofl whee But still...she's leaving! crying

In other news...
Look on msn.com and in the section titled "MSNBC News," there will be an article about the recent tornado that hit northeast of Denver, which is north of where I live. Yesterday, my brothers had to be moved from the mobiles to the library of their school for precautionary reasons. Luckily, it never hit anywhere outside of its original place...I don't think...It was an F3 tornado--the biggest is an F5. 'o' eek

Random Rants
Think about the word "poodle" for a sec. Poop+noodle=poodle...It's a poop noodle! Now put that image in your head. I don't think i want a noodle of poop for a dog. Honestly, people, do you? Think about it:
"Hey I got a new dog!"
"Oh, really? What kind?"
"A poop noodle!"
... eek ...
So...yeah...now whenever you see a poodle..you'll think

Bye Bye!

A car runs on gas and a duck runs on bread. I run on yum yums.

User Comments: [2]
Community Member

Sat May 24, 2008 @ 06:04pm

that is an amazing video, i do say so myself

xp eek

tree-hugging pacifist
Community Member

Sun May 25, 2008 @ 12:32am

it really is, yoshi...it really is.

User Comments: [2]
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