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The Random Thoughts of Emily
Hi, people! I will try to update this every week...or so...I'll TRY. ^_^;; If you want to know what randomness is going on in my real/Gaia life (or if you're a stalker...O.O) read this!
Where in the World is Emily?
Vail, Colorado. That's right. Vail. Beaver Creek to be exact. BEEEAAAVEERRR!!!!
^_^ whee

My Current State
Don't worry...I'm not injured or anything. I'm typing from a condo on my mom's laptop. It's pretty sweet. razz So anywho, Days of Our Lives just got over...that was...um...cheesy...but it's a soap opera, what can you expect? At any rate, Ellen Degeneres is on now. Did you hear about the Oklahoma State Representative, Sally Kern? (I thought her name was funny...heh heh...) So she was like (to paraphrase) "...all civilizations that have accepted homosexuality have fallen...the government's taking our 2-year-olds and teaching them things in schools...they're not even teaching them real facts and knowledge any more...they're teaching them that homosexuality is an acceptable lifestyle..."
First of all, nice of a government official to bash the government. confused Second, as Ellen so nicely pointed out, what civilizations have we not known about that have fallen because they accepted homosexuality? Third, since when have we stopped teaching facts and knowledge in our schools? We certainly learn enough to have brutal finals--my fellow CV people can attest to that--so what is this lady's issue? Is she seriously that homophobic that she has the strong urge to speak out against it as though it were community threatening? She must be...

Nothings better at removing stains! Not even blueberries are a match for...OXY-CLEAN!!!

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