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shh... this is for your eyes only
enjoy!! Life is a little twisted
Revenge might not be so sweet
Hey Everyone...

Today was just a little tough for me. But first I have to tell you about my dear Dirty Love and the reason why we call her "Dirty Love."

Apparently, it all started when I left her party on Saturday. As I mentioned she had a new fling named Phil. It seems that on the night of the party, Phil and a few of her other friends decided to sleep over her house. The bad thing was Dirty Love and Phil slept in the same bed. Uh oh, wrong move. We all thought that they were going to have a sensible night, but to add to their stupid mistake, they were both drunk.

You do the math. If you're drunk and your sleeping in the same bed with the guy that you like, what's most likely to happen? Thankfully, they didn't go so far, but they went far enough for Dirty Love to regret ever letting Phil sleep over, let alone in the same bed as her. Apparently, they did a few naughty things. I was relieved to hear that they kept their clothes on the whole time though. *sighs* It seems that everyone's growing up but me.

Why do I say such a thing? Maybe because I decided to do the most childish thing today. As I've been saying for a while, Cookie isn't exactly too happy to be around me and the girls anymore. As a matter of fact, she hardly ever hangs around us anymore and she didn't even turn up to Dirty Love's party. Dirty Love didn't really mind that too much because apparently Cookie had called her up a few hours before to let her know that she wasn't gonna make it because her grandmother was in hospital. But Dirty Love did get annoyed when the Cookie decided she didn't want to talk to any of us today.

So I did a childish thing. Cutesy was eating a tub of yogurt earlier that day and she kept the dirty tub for some reason. Just for a little bit of fun, me and her were having a little water fight. I decided it would be funny if I filled up the tub of yogurt with water (let me just say there was still a little bit of yogurt left in the tub) and I thought it would be funny to throw it at her. Instead, Cookie decided she wanted to be part of the water fight and joined in. That was when I threw the tub at her. Don't get me wrong, I feel very bad for it and Cookie was fuming. I offered to clean her jumper and everything but she totally ignored me. I guess I deserve it but I did apologize to her. We had a little crying moment and she told me about her grandma, but after that she totally stopped talking to me. Hm... confusing right.

I just hope it all gets back to normal tomorrow. Oh, by the way, bad news, MY VIRUS IS BACK!! *screams* Oh dear. Anyway, I need to head off but I pray to god that it all works out with Cookie. Feel free to leave a comment guys.

heart Till next time heart

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