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shh... this is for your eyes only
enjoy!! Life is a little twisted
Not so sweet 16
Hey Everyone!!

Long time no see. It's probably because I've been super loaded with homework because of EXAMS!! *duh duh DUH!!* I'm so glad they're almost over. But I'm sure you don't want to hear about boring exams right?

Well, to be honest, I don't even remember what's happened since my last post. So I'll just tell you all the interesting things that have happened recently. Let's start with yesterday shall we?

Well, yesterday was my beautiful girl KayKay's birthday. She's 16! Yay! biggrin But I'm afraid being 16 didn't make her any sweeter. She was actually quite annoying yesterday. Here's what happened:

Cutesy, Cookie and I took her out yesterday to go shopping and I let her choose out her birthday present. I brought her a beautiful tiara so she was happy enough with that. Unfortunately, that didn't stop her from getting on my nerves. When I was going to get lunch, Cookie and I wanted sushi. Unfortunately, Cutesy and KayKay hate sushi, so we split up and we said we would meet eachother at the food court. Now, at the mall we were at yesterday, there are 3 food courts, one on the 1st floor, one near the cinemas and one near the music store. Yeah, that's where the disaster started.

So, me and Cookie went to go get our sushi and we went to the food court on the 1st floor. Unfortunately, Cutesy and KayKay were at the food court near the cinemas so we decided to make our way there. Now, here's the annoying part. Once you get to know Cutesy, you'll know that she loves mucking around. So while we were making our way to the food court, Cutesy and KayKay ran off on us. Hm, how nice right? I knew it was just a joke so we let them run around. But eventually it just became stupid and I really couldn't be bothered. So Cookie and I decided we were going to go shopping by ourselves. Eventually, we met up with Cutesy and KayKay again, but the funny thing is, KayKay was the one who was giving the silent treatment. Oh, how nice. me and Cookie are the ones getting screwed around and we're the ones who get the silent treatment.

What a day. But after a while, she couldn't really stay mad at us and all was good. But I have to say, that girl drives me nuts sometimes. But still, it was her 16th birthday, excuse enough.

Again, sorry guys for the late posting. I really haven't had time but I still hope to hear from you guys biggrin And like I always say, feel free to comment biggrin

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