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Remade D.N Angel story for like the 5th time xD
Neko:Suki hurry Suki:i'm coming im coming *the two run out* Neko:why
did we have to move before a school day Suki:because we did ok *at the school* Teacher surprised k class settle down now we have new students today Suki and Neko Ryuuzaki *they come in* Teacher:as you can see they are twins *guys whistling in the backround* Teacher:ENOUGH are there any students willing to show this girls around *all the boys raise their hand except for 2* Teacher:Naoki-kun please show Neko around Kazune-kun please show Suki around Kazune and Naoki:yes ma'am
Teacher:well why dont you girl tell us about yourselves Neko:hi my name is Neko Ryuuzaki i like animals drawing and sports i won the swimming track and gymnastic olympics 23 times in a row Suki:hi my name is Suki Ryuuzaki i like animals drawing and singing i graduated college at the age of 6 and won multiple game shows and quiz shows
Teacher:t.......then you two are the girls that always win those things Neko and Suki:ya Teacher:well please sit down next to your partners for the day since you dont have books yet *Suki sits next to Kazune and Neko sits next to Naoki and they put their desks together* Kazune:hey you are pretty cute Suki:O////O Kazune:are you free after school Suki:ya Kazune:lets go out somewhere together then we can learn more about each other Suki:well ok Naoki:Neko right, you are pretty cute up close Neko:what do you mean by that Naoki:nvm i overheard your sister and Kazune talking they're going out after school we should to Neko:alright im up for it Naoki:good *after school Kazune was waiting at the gate* Kazune:where were you Suki:sorry the teacher kept me a while Kazune:well lets go *they start walking* Suki:where are we going anyway Kazune:you'll see *they go into this dress shop Suki:OH WOW they're so pretty but why are we here Kazune:actually my dad had an arranged marrige for me and he said if i had a girlfriend then he would call it off depending on the girl so could you please please pretend to be my girfriend Suki:WHAT?!? Kazune:please Suki:well alright Girl:Master Kazune can i help you with anything Kazune:yes please prepare a dress haistylist and make up artist for my girlfriend Girl:as you wish Suki thinking:g....girlfriend it feels weird *where Naoki and Neko are* Naoki:i think he told Suki to help him with his arranged marrige Neko surprised h really Naoki:well to tell you the truth Neko my father and his father are really good friends and they both made the marriage for both of us so could you help me too Neko:BUT I HATE DRESSES Naoki:common please Neko:f.....fine -__- *to where Suki and Kazune are* Kazune:are you done yet Suki:hold on geez *she opens the curtain and she was wearing a white dress with two wavey designs on each side of the dress with her hair down and high heels with laces attached to her leg and a crescent moon pendant* *Kazune staring in awe xD* Suki:w....what does it look weird >.> Kazune:N.....no you look great.....btw i already called the car to come pick us up give me a second to get changed to *he gets changed into a white tuxedo* Suki:is that the car Kazune Kazune:yep *they get in the car and arrived at the place where Kazune is supposed to be married and they see his father with the women he's supposed to marry standing there*
Kazune surprised k wait here until i tell you to come ok Suki:alright *he gets out and walks over to them* Sakura:Kazune~! your father said that you dont want to marry me but why Kazune:because i have someone already Kazune's father:Kazune where is this girl Kazune:she is in the car father Father:well bring her out *the car driver gets out opens the door and she steps out and walks over* Sakura:you dumped me for her
Father:so your name is Suki correct Suki:yes sir Father:you look like a fine young lady tell me what you have done in school so far Suki:well actually i graduated college when i was 6 i came back to school because i havnt had the full experience Father:Mmm thats good what do you plan to do in the future Suki:i plan to become a vet and have a great family Sakura:GRRR WHO THE HELL ARE YOU TO TAKE KAZUNE AWAY FROM ME Suki:well excuse me its not my fault that he picked me instead of you Sakura:Kazune this cant be Kazune:well it is and now you've met her Father what do you think Father:i excpect high things from you Miss Suki and take care of my son Kazune:REALLY!? Sakura:WHAT......I CHALLENGE YOU SUKI TO A MARTIAL ARTS FIGHT~! Suki:*smerk* and i accept it but i seem to be in a dress right now Father:we have some martial arts equitment with us at all times use them Suki:alright >=3 *she gos to he car and picks out the really short shorts with a good sized t-shirt for her* Suki:this is good now where can i change Father:inside this building *she gos inside changes and ties her hair up and comes back out* Suki:alright im ready Sakura:well i've been ready Father:the rules with be whoever can land the other person on the ground wins and....START *Sakura starts punching at Suki but she dodges all of them* Sakura:whats wrong cant hit back Suki:idiot Sakura:WHAT!?! *she punches faster but Suki still dodges*
Narrator:TO PART 2~!

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