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Remade D.N Angel story for like the 5th time xD
Title: "New Start"
Narrator:WELL~! i was looking at my old stories that i've written and i havn't really written ANYTHING for a while xD so i decided to write one because i really miss writing D.N. Angel stories with Neko .__. i've also noticed that my typing and spelling has gotten better than that time like when i used to be lazy and put 2 xDD -shot- i found the reverse liking thing funny you know Suki and Daisuke and Neko and Dark and then later on we switch xD good times~ so here ya go Neko~! 8D

Neko:Hey Suki Suki:Ya? Neko:Are you sure we're at the right place?
*both of them staring at a school* Suki:uhmmmm not really Neko:BUT YOU SAID THAT IT WAS HERE!! Suki:I CAN'T READ MAPS OK SHEESH! Neko:who are we supposed to ask then!? Suki:I DON'T KNOW MAYBE A HOBBO~ Neko:Why would i ask a hobbo? Suki:It was just a suggestion i mean if hobbo's live in one spot then they should know by living there their whole lives Neko:I guess that kinda makes sense...WAIT we're supposed to be finding out if this is our school not talking about hobbo's~! Suki:OH RIGHT! *they both start walking and go to this train station thing* Suki:There's a boy over there with the same color as our uniform so why don't we ask him? Neko:good idea but......you go ask him Suki:Why me!? Neko:I'm not good with asking people Suki surprised h fine *she walks over to him and he sees her coming* Suki:Uhmmm e-excuse me Daisuke:Y-yes? Suki biggrin o you go to this school by any chance? *shows him the school name on the paper* Daisuke:Ya that's the school i go to Suki:WE'RE SAVED~! Daisuke:Hunh? Suki:NEKO NEKO THIS GUY GOES TO THIS SCHOOL~! Daisuke thinking:This guy? Neko:COMING! *Neko runs over* Suki:It's good that we didn't stay staring at that other random school Neko:it was your fault for reading th map wrong! Suki:sorry sorry it's not like you could do any better...Neko:HE.....true *Daisuke was just staring at Suki* Neko:hey i said hey! Daisuke:HUNH? Neko:are you ok Daisuke:Y-ya i'm fine ^-^""
Neko:OH by the way i'm Neko Ryuuzaki and this is my twin sister Suki Ryuuzaki Daisuke:I'm Daisuke...Daisuke Niwa Suki:Thanks for helping us ^-^ Dark:Hmmm so you like this girl huh? They're both really cute but Neko seems more like my type Daisuke Whispering:But Suki seems more like my type Dark:Just like Risa was? Daisuke Whispering:I don't like Risa anymore we're just friends Dark:You move on fast! *after a little while they get to school and Daisuke takes them to the classeoom because they're in his class* Teacher:Today we have two new transfer students from Kyushu Neko and Suki Ryuuzaki please introduce yourselves Neko:Hi everyone i'm Neko and i'm 14 years old i was captain of the track team and won gold medal 6 years in a row and Suki and i graduated college at the age of 8 Suki:My name is Suki and i'm 14 years old i have one the national games shows 5 years in a row Neko and i graduated college but since we never got the full experience of what school was like we came back here to study again Teacher:Well then as you can see these girls are very smart so if any of you need help ask one of these two ok Suki sit next to Niwa on the right Neko please sit on the left Neko and Suki:Ok *both of them go over and sit down* *soon it was time for p.e* Neko:OH OH OHHHHH~! I LOVE P.E!! C'MON LET'S GO NOW! *she literally drags Suki to the locker room* Suki:Awww Neko you stretched out my shirt D: Neko:Oh get over it and change already I WANNA GO PLAY! Suki:Fine fine *both of them change into short pants and t-shirts then go outside for p.e* Suki:It's so nice out here~ Neko:Good thing we have freetime! LET'S PLAY VOLLEYBALL! Suki:OH WE CAN TEAM UP THAT WAY WE'LL BE VOLLEYBALL PARTNERS OF HELL! Neko:That's a little scary BUT IT'S TRUE LET'S KICK SOME BUTT! *Both of them go over to the volleyball court* Neko:Alright who wants to play against us? Captain of volleyball team:We'll play with you afterall you two just moved here and are probably not that good anyway Suki:Let's see about that Captain's partner:Our team has won nationals 4 times do you think you can beat us? Neko:Of course we do ^-^ *They all get on the court* *where the boys are* Takashi:Hey Daisuke, did you hear that two girls challenged the captain of the volleyball team? Daisuke:Really? but i heard that our team was really good Takashi:I heard it was two girls from our class we should check it out *Takashi and Daisuke go over to the court and see a bunch of people crowding around* Neko:Seems like we've created some attention to ourselves Suki:We'll just have to show them Daisuke:It's Neko and Suki! Takashi:You mean those cute girls that just moved here!? Dark:Ooooo this seems interesting Captain:Are you ready to get beaten Neko:Nope we're ready to win! *the captain hits the ball and Neko actually hit it and hit it to Suki then she hit it to the other side and got a point* Neko:Good job Suki! Suki:Good job yourself Captain:I'm just getting started Neko:Believe me we are too *after all of the serves the captain did Neko and Suki kept returning them* Random Girl:Are they human!? Random Boy:They're so good! *after a while the game was over and it was 30 to 0* Suki:I guess we're done here huh Neko Neko:Yep NOW LET'S GO RUN RANDOMLY! Suki:*punches fist in air* YA! *runs with Neko* Random boy:As i thought Girl:They're not human Daisuke:Both of them are really good Suki:OH DAISUKE! *runs over to him* you should run with us 8D Daisuke:B-but i'm not good at p.e Suki:You don't have to be good at it to run silly~ *She grabs his hand and starts running and he blushes* Suki:Neko! Daisuke's gonna run with us 8D Neko:LET'S GO! *they run for 15 mins straight and Daisuke was on the floor panting* Daisuke:How....*huff* Can *huff* you guys *huff* run *huff* so fast *huff huff huff* Neko:Here *she gives him a bottle of water Daisuke:Thanks *he smiles and Neko blushes* Suki:........OH CRAP! Neko:WHAT!? Daisuke surprised __o" Suki:I FORGOT THAT I HAVE ORCHESTRA LESSONS NOW CYA NEKO CYA DAISUKE! *she runns to the locker room to get changed fast and then goes to her lessons* Daisuke:She's in orchestra? Neko:Yep ever since fourth grade and i play the clarinet Daisuke biggrin oesn't that mean you have to go for lessons too Neko:............OH CRAP! BYE DAISUKE! *she does the same but even faster* Dark:Both of them are very much alike Daisuke:Got that right *After school* Suki:Wah that was harsh~ Neko:I think the instructor is phyco or something Suki razz robably....Neko do you like Daisuke~? Neko:W-WHAT DO YOU MEAN >.>" THAT WAS SO RANDOM D: Suki:You so like him Neko:HOW CAN YOU TELL~!? Suki:You blushed and you never blush at a guy xD Neko:F-fine i do >.> but for some reason i get the feeling he likes you Suki:Really i don't really know~ Neko:....Dense... Suki:I'm not dense~! D: Neko:Ya you are remember that time when that one boy asked you to go out with him? Suki:Ya Neko:He didn't mean to go outside with him he was asking you to be his girlfriend =__= Suki:Oh.........well maybe i am dense 8D? Neko:Yes you are Suki:OK THEN! 8D Look there's Daisuke now! Let's go walk with him Neko:NO WAY! Suki:Common ya know ya want to Neko:O-OF COURSE I WANT TO! but i'm scared .-. Suki:Oh whatever i'll go then~ *She runs over to him* Suki:HEY DAISUKE~! 8D Daisuke:H-HI SUKI! How'd lessons go? Suki: Good good~ Hey wanna hang out right now? Daisuke: Oh s-sure Suki:NEKO DAISUKE AND I ARE GOING SOMEWHERE SO YOU CAN GO HOME FIRST IF YOU'RE HUNRY I MADE YOU SOME FOOD THIS MORNING IT'S IN THE FRIDGE Neko: OK

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