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Remade D.N Angel story for like the 5th time xD
*while the fight was going on Neko and Naoki were getting ready to* *Neko was wearing the same thing as Suki but the dress was blue* Naoki:WOW Neko:SHUTUP >_< Naoki:well lets go then *they go to Naoki's house* Naoki's father:Naoki is this true you already have a girlfriend Naoki:yes her name is Neko and shes right here *he puts his arm around her shoulder Neko surprised _e Hikaru:*gasp* i can see why you like her she's so pretty Neko:i am~?! Hikaru:however i demand a race with you Neko:alright *she throws her dress off and she was wearing a track outfit* i always come prepared Hikaru:well so do i Neko:what happens if i win Hikaru:if you win i'll give you my butler and you get Naoki Neko:alright if you win i'll be your maid and you get Naoki i'll even give you a 10 second head start Hikaru:well you're pretty confident Neko:well then lets start we have to run around this block 4 times Hikaru:fine then *they get ready to run* Naoki whispering:hey dad you didnt know that Neko won the track olympics 23 times in a row did you Naoki's father:NO WAY! Naoki:yep Naoki's father:that is impressive but lets see how she does *Hikaru takes off first and Neko was just standing there for more then she said she stood there for a minute* Neko:well i guess i better start now *she starts running and she already caught up to Hikaru* Neko:well then i thought you would be a challenge cya~! *Neko ran faster and she went around Hikaru twice and she won* *Hikaru was still running xDD* Neko:are you done yet i've already won so give it up Hikaru:H.....how did....you ......win....so fast *panting* Neko surprised h please i could run around that 10 more times this is nothing for me so keep your promise Hikaru:fine *she calls her butler and he comes* Hikaru:i wish you two happiness *she walks away* Naoki's father:very good job Miss Neko our family loves sports and you are one to be able to be called apart of our family Neko:w...well t.....thanks ^^ *where Suki and Sakura were still fighting Suki was still dodging xD* Suki:this is getting old *Suki kicks her in the stomache and she fell to the floor* Suki:are you done playing your stupid game now *she takes the ribbon off her hair* it looks like i already won so just give it up you lose Kazune thinking:she's talking so mature like Father:well then it seems that Suki has one and i think i made the wrong choice by picking you to marry my son miss Sakura Sakura:NO BUT WHY Suki:because you never think of anyone but yourself i can tell that you dont want anyone but yourself to be happy Sakura:*crying* i dont know why Kazune picked someone like you but i lost to you so i guess there's nothing more to it *she runs away crying* Suki:well then that's settled Father:Well then Suki you are a very nice young lady i agree to you and Kazune Kazune:REALLY FATHER Father:yes really Kazune:thank you father *Kazune takes Sukis hand and then they start running* Suki:weher are we going now~! Kazune:to the park *at the park* Suki:wow this park is so pretty Kazune:i come here all the time btw Suki thank you for helping me Suki:no problem i got to fight it was fun ^-^ Kazune:you know you're the first person my father has accepted Suki:really i think he seems nice =D Kazune:he arranged that marriage because it was punishment Suki:i dont think so i think he did it because he wanted you to be happy Kazune:what? Suki:i mean when he asked me those questions i think it was to see if you would be able to have a good future with me even though i dont really think we have one Kazune:we might Suki:huh?!? Kazune:well when i saw you trying your best for me even though you just met me it made me think of what would happen if we really did have a future together i think we would make a good couple what about you Suki:m...m...me well idk >//////< Kazune:well will you Suki:will i what Kazune:will you go out with me and be my real girlfriend Suki:well i do really like you.....alright Kazune:seriously Suki:yes seriously Kazune:great! now lets go Suki:go where for the third time Kazune:my house *they went to Kazune's house* Suki:your house is nice Kazune:you think so Suki:ya =D i'll take to to my house sometime Kazune:i wanted you to meet my sister but it looks like she's not home yet Suki:i didnt know you had a sister whats her name Kazune:Rika Suki:well i could wait a bit until she comes Kazune:are you sure Suki:ya *after 10 mins Rika came home* Rika surprised nii-chan i'm home Kazune:welcome home Rika i want to meet my girlfriend Suki Rika:Suki?! Suki:Rika!? Kazune:well you dont have to say each others names like that Suki:No no Rika was my friend from last year before she moved, i didnt know you moved here Rika:i didnt think i would ever see you again, but its weird you're going out with my brother how can you put up with him Kazune:HEY Suki:he's alright so Kazune's the brother you've always talked about huh and how you said that he was your..... *Rika covers her mouth* Rika surprised h Suki i think you forgot what i said Suki:MMMMMM!! *she was knocked out from lack of oxygen* Kazune:RIKA! Rika:huh? OH NO SUKI *she took her hand off and started shaking her* Rika:are you ok Suki:were you trying to kill me Kazune:what was that about me before Suki:Rka said you were her role model Rika:SUKI I TOLD YOU NEVER TO TELL HIM THAT IF YOU MET HIM Suki:well Kazune:really Rika:hmph gosh *she gos upstairs* Kazune:wow that was strange Suki:yep Narrator razz ART 3 xD wow im getting interested in my own story xD

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