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Remade D.N Angel story for like the 5th time xD
*Suki and Neko were 8 years old and they were playing in the park*
Neko:SUKI SUKI look a bug~! Suki:ewwww bugs are gross *Neko chases Suki with the bug in her hand* Suki:NO I HATE BUGS DONT MAKE IT COME NEAR ME~!! *after all the playing they finally got tired* Suki:Neko we should go home its getting late Neko:ya i guess lets come back tomorrow Suki:Ok ^-^ *they walked home* Suki:Mommy Daddy we're ho......... Neko:Mommy Daddy...... *they see their parents on the floor dead* Suki:MOMMY WAKE UP COME ON~! Neko biggrin ADDY THIS ISNT FUNNY~! Suki crying:MOMMY DADDY~!!! *they see all of the blood* Suki:NEKO MOMMY AND DADDY AREN'T MOVING Neko:well should call the police man Suki:good idea *they get the phone and call 911* *and they cops came to the house* Police:are you girls alright Neko and Suki:yes Police:your parents were very young weren't they
Suki:what do you mean Police:im sorry to tell you this girls but......your
parents were murdered Neko:NO MOMMY DADDT~!! Suki:NO MOMMY AND DADDY WOULDNT LEAVE US THEY LOVE US Police:im sorry we will do everything to catch the guy that did this *Suki and Neko were crying* Police:do you girls have any other relatives Neko:N....no Police:then i'll have to send you to an orphanage Suki:NO dont i dont want to i can take care of Neko i can cook and do stuff for the house Police:are you sure Neko:yes please mr. ploice man Police:well if that's what you want but we'll have to move to another house ok Neko and Suki surprised k Police:where would you like to go Suki:me and Neko want to go to Neko:Tokyo because thats where are parents are from Police surprised k Suki:and mr. police man we already have our BIG house there so we dont have to pay Police:you mean a mansion Neko:ya that Police surprised k then we'll go there alright Neko and Suki:alright *8 years later they moved from that mansion to another mansion in Tokyo* Suki:Common Neko lets go Neko:coming *they were on there way to school* *in the classroom* Teacher:class we have some new students coming today so im telling you something about them please try to get along with them because their parents were murdered when they were just 8 years old Girl:thats horrible Teacher:yes it is *Suki and Neko knock on the door and slide it open* Suki:um hi we're the new students Teacher:welcome please come in and tell us about yourselves Neko:hello my name is Neko Ryuuzaki i just moved here from another part of Tokyo and i dont know my way around here so please help me
out Suki:hi my name is Suki Ryuuzaki and i would also like to get some helo getting around here *two boys come rushing in* Hiroto:hey teacher Keiichi:sorry we're late again Teacher:i'll let it slide today since we have to new students *they both go up to Suki and Neko* Hiroto:hey this one's pretty cute Suki:don't touch me Hiroto:common i just wanted to.......... Suki:if you touch me i swear i will punch you in the face Keiichi:Hiroto just let it go Neko:Suki you look funy when you're serious xDD Suki:shutup Neko Hiroto:so your name's Suki huh Keiichi:and your name's Neko Neko:yep we just moved here nice to meet you guys *Suki just walks over to the desk and sits down* Hiroto:what's wrong with her Neko:i'll tell you later *it was lunch time* Hiroto:so Neko bout before Neko:right Suki:hey Neko im gonna go outside ok call me when lunch is over Neko surprised k *she walks out* Keiichi:so what're you guys doing Hiroto:dammit can i just find out Keiichi:ALRIGHT YOU DONT HAVE TO YELL Neko:OK ANYWAY well what do you want to know Hiroto:why your sister is totally different from you Neko:well it probably has something to do with our parents death Hiroto and Keiichi:WHAT!?!? Neko:ya 8 years ago me and Suki were playing outside and when we came home our parents were on the floor they were murdered Hiroto surprised h thats terrible Neko:i act like this because it just seems to be better for the people around me, Suki used to smile all the time she doesnt do that anymore and she doesnt really talk much either Hiroto:really Neko:ya i know what i do is wrong to but i dont want Suki to worry about me but she doesnt know that i worry about her, the thing is Suki was closer to our parents than i was of course i loved them to but i hardly talked to them Suki was and is my best friend and my sister so i thought that was all i needed Keiichi:you mean both of you have been living alone for 8 years Neko:yes when our parents died Suki's the one who said that she can take care of the house and cook so both of us wouldnt be seperated in an orphanage Hiroto:well im gonna go see her Neko:i dout she'll talk to you though Hiroto:well im going anyway Keiichi:i never seen you so hyped up i guess you seriously like her dont you Hiroto:shutup ok *he walks out of the classroom* Neko:i bet Suki will be pretty mad but lets see how he does Keiichi:he deserves whatever punishment he gets Neko:i like the way you think Keiichi:should we jump him later Neko:nah thats to plain what about we put the chalkboard eraser above the sliding door and when he opens it, it lands on his head xD Keiichi:thats good i never thought of it! lets do that *where Hiroto was looking for Suki* Hiroto:dammit where did she go *he gos to the roof and sees her standing there* Hiroto:SUKI! Suki:hunh? *turns around* Suki surprised h its you Hiroto or something like that Hiroto:thats me Suki:ya what do you want Hiroto:first of all i wanted to apologize to you for earlier second i came here to talk to you Suki:for what Hiroto:it looks like your having a hard time so i wanted to make you feel better Suki:nothing will ever make me fell better Hiroto:well i wanted to give it a try, when's your birthday Suki:saturday Hiroto:then my goal is to make you happy before your birthday *she looks at him like why is he trying to do that face* Narrator:TO THE NEXT PART BECAUSE THIS IS GETTING LONG~!

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