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~Roses of Death yet full of Life~
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Random Entry #6

I think people should send out pms to all their friends when they change their username. I really do...Lol Anyways how is mister/miss reader today? I'm a bit tired myself, my sister fell asleep on my bed so I fell asleep next to her. Dude, she kicked me off that bed five times...last one I fell off the bed and hit my head on her bed emo It was lame, so I just got up..tucked her into the blanket..then went off to get me some breakfast. XD It's funny how I always wake up before everyone, then if I don't get up then I fall asleep in like seconds. Dreaming is fun, day-dreaming too! I love to daydream, I do it all the time when I'm bored. I remember day dreaming about me fighting some kung-fo master, and how our sub was super messed up so he talked like a little girl XDD Then I went "You shall not defeat me, Obi-one.." Then suddenly I have a light saber then we fight like star wars. I could go on, but then the reader would think I'm crazy. >> << I'm not crazy, mind you...just different :3

*yawn* I can't do entries every day, it sucks but so true. Sometimes I would have a little tab just for it but then I have to go post and then I couldn't get to it. It's like a diary, this journal of mine. I have a real one, but I prefer typing then writing. Writing gets boring, then I wrote sloppy then I have to correct it later rolleyes If its an essay, I write okay but in the end its always sloppy since I hate having to write so perfect. Hell, I can read it...why can't they? o.o My sister writes easy, you just have to sound it out to know what it is. My brother is behind in school, and keeps thinking he can never write good or read good. But we encourage him nonetheless, maybe he'll write better then me someday XD I won't be surprised, more proud then anything :3

Ugghhh...my throat hurts. My sis and mom has strip throat, and you can get it by drinking after them. I accidentally drank my sis's cup, so now I'm scared I have it x.x That would suck if I did, yet it wouldn't at the same time >> << You'll hear that from me a lot by the way, how it would rule and wouldn't at the same time. My friends make fun of me how I'm so into answering "depends" to most of their questions. Like "Hey ____, wanna go to movie saturday." "Depends.." "On what?" "My mood" "Why....?" Then I get confused, everyday my mood is different. If I'm mad, then I want to be alone. If I'm sad, I want to be alone. If I'm happy, sometimes I want to be alone too. My mood varies on what has happened that day, and then effects me so on. When people ask what I would do if I was in their situation, I would say "It depends" Why do I say that? CUZ IT DOES DEPEND >> << Sry, my friend just made fun of me. She's watching me type this LOL Waiting for me to get off the puter and go outside with her..

Well..now she just dragged me out of my chair.. But I got away >:3 ghghhgfhghghhnhgjkjhfh DAMN IT I'm typing not you << >> << >> << >> << >> (we're glaring at each other right now XD) << Anyways, I'll get off so she'll shut up. Till next entry~! :3

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